Creating a memorable company event is easy with video marketing. Whether you attend an annual industry trade show, or hold a company fundraiser, video marketing can be a great tool to leave a lasting impression and make your event live on. By preparing quality content before the event, and capturing footage during the event, you can easily make video work for your marketing strategy.

Video marketing at company event

Here are 6 ways to integrate video marketing into your event:

#1: Show customer videos

One way to promote social proof at your event is to show off your customer video testimonials. Setting up a live feed of video testimonials on something as simple as a computer monitor or tablet can work to engage your event attendees in a unique way. If you have an established feed of customer videos this can also be something that is broadcasted on a larger scale at your event. Using your customers as a resource to build credibility will help you leave a lasting impression at your event.

#2: Collect customer testimonials

If your event is bringing a ton of your customers to one place, use it to your advantage. Set up a kiosk to collect customer video testimonials. Make it an interactive experience by incorporating a contest or sweepstakes as a way to generate submissions. It is a lot easier to create a connection and collect meaningful testimonials in-person, so taking the time to document your customer praise at your next event could be a huge advantage.

#3: Display video ads

If the event you’re attending is more of an informational event, like a trade show for example, it is a great opportunity to stand out using video. Create fun and informational video ads featuring your product or service to showcase at the event.

#4: Show tutorial videos

Another interactive video marketing option is to show tutorial videos. Featuring video content like this can be a great conversation starter at your next event, and can help you promote your product or service in a unique way.

#5: Collect event footage

Collecting footage from your event will allow you to market your experience on your website and social media pages. This footage will help your event live on by making it readily available for those who did not attend. This is a great opportunity to be candid in what you capture to promote your company culture and extend the purpose of attending or hosting the event. For example if you attended a trade show, document your experience throughout the day and any fun activities you have planned to promote your product or service. This footage can then be used to create a lasting impression on your website to potential customers.

#6: Showcase company culture videos

People are more inclined to connect with brands that have a personable brand image. Create a connection at your next event by showcasing employee videos, informational company culture videos, and videos that show off what sets your company apart. Video is a great tool to convey personality so use your event as an opportunity for attendees to get to know your company and the people behind it.

Using video marketing at your next event will help you stand out and have a lasting impression on attendees. Video allows your brand to be creative and engaging. What are some other ways your company incorporates video marketing into your events? Comment below!

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