Is your customer service top-notch? Are your product features the best in the business? You can’t be sure unless you ask your customers.

These 45 customer feedback questions address every part of your business, from customer service to market research. Customize these questions to suit your business and collect them in a survey, email, contest, question card, or plain old conversation to get answers.

Try These 45 Customer Feedback Questions to Improve Your Business

To Improve Customer Service

Customer service can make or break your business. The right customer feedback questions can help you improve customer service and make a stellar customer experience.

1. Were you greeted in a friendly manner?
2. Did our staff answer your questions?
3. Did you find our staff helpful and courteous?
4. Were you served promptly?
5. How can we make your experience even better?

To Solve Problems

Sometimes a customer leaves because they’re just looking for something different. Sometimes they get frustrated or treated badly. The right customer feedback questions will help you know the difference.

6. Is our product/service no longer useful to you?
7. Did the price of our product/service cause you to leave?
8. Have you decided to test out a competitor?
9. What would you like to see changed?
10. What would you say about your experience?

To Showcase Your Strengths

It’s essential to ask the right customer feedback questions to happy customers. This is a chance to show what you’re doing that’s amazing. Use these questions to guide a review or a testimonial video.

11. How has our product/service made an impact on you/your business/your lifestyle?
12. What is your favorite thing about our product/service?
13. What would you tell your friends or colleagues about us?
14. Has any part of our business exceeded your expectations?
15. How would you rate your experience? (out of 5 or 10)

To Improve Your Product or Service

Continuous improvement makes good businesses into great ones. Even if customers love your product or service, you should always know what you could do better (before your competitors do it first!).

16. Which features do you love?
17. Which features aren’t useful to you?
18. Which features do you wish we had?
19. What would you change about our product/service?
20. Are our products/services priced appropriately?

To Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Your customers come to you because they need something, and you provide it. To continue providing it, make sure you know if their needs change.

21. What challenge or problem does our business solve for you?
22. How do you measure these challenges? (expenses, revenue, time, leads, clicks, etc.)
23. How long did you use our product or service before seeing results?
24. What prompted you to find a solution?
25. How could we make this solution more effective for you?

To Understand Your Customers

When it comes to advertising and marketing, you have to know who your customers are, what they pay attention to, and what they respond to. When you know this, you can deliver relevant messages they’ll actually like.

26. What is your name/age/gender/job title?
27. Do you read paper books, magazines and newspapers, or read online?
28. Which do you use more; tv, smartphone, or laptop?
29. Which do you prefer; quick and convenient or detailed and customized?
30. Do you use free trials/coupons/offers?

To Improve Marketing Message

Once you know your customers, you need to know what to say to them. Customer feedback questions about how your customers utilize your business will help you focus on your biggest selling points.

31. How did you find us?
32. How long have you been a customer?
33. What made you want to try us?
34. Did you use a competitor before us?
35. How often do you use our product/service?

To Learn About Competitors

Most of us don’t find the right solution the first time. That means your customers probably have some experience with your competitors, and they can give you information you won’t find elsewhere.

36. What were you using before you found us?
37. What did you like about the previous product/service(s)?
38. What caused you to leave?
39. What does our business do better?
40. Is there anything you miss about the previous product/service(s)?

To Improve Your Website

If your business doesn’t have a working website, you’re missing millions of customers searching for you online every day. If you have a website, but you’re not sure why it’s not working, customer feedback questions can help you find out.

41. Have you used or visited our website?
42. Was it easy to find?
43. What were you looking for on the website? Did you find it?
44. Was the website easy to use?
45. What would you change about it?

These customer feedback questions can help you guide a testimonial video, make up a question card, or write a survey. When you’re asking for customer feedback, make sure you know what you’re looking for, and customize your questions accordingly. Avoid asking too soon, and make sure you ask the right people. Be prepared for good or bad feedback, and have a strategy ready to use the information you receive.

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