Having personalized customer communication can strengthen the relationship between your customers and your brand. Marketers have reported seeing an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized web experiences. By creating a personalized testimonial experience, customers are more likely to have a positive outlook on your brand. In turn, these customers are more likely to be willing to leave you a quality video testimonial. There are many different ways that you can make your content more personalized for your customers. The first step is to figure out your main buyer personas and dig deeper into ways to connect with them.

Here are 5 ways you can create a personalized testimonial strategy:

#1: Create multiple submission forms to hit each of your target audiences

By creating a submission form for each of your buyer personas, you can increase the chance that they will be influenced to submit a testimonial. Different target audiences of your brand may be more receptive to casual language, and sweepstake style incentives. On the other hand you may also have a more professional customer group that responds to more formal language, and business promotion incentives. By identifying your company’s buyer personas, and doing your research about how they are best influenced, you can ensure you’re collecting a wide variety of quality testimonials.

#2: Add company & customer names to email automation

Customizing your email automation with your customers name, company, and other identifiers will help your brand create a more personalized email communication strategy. Customers are more inclined to participate in leaving a testimonial if they feel like you’re personally reaching out to them, not just including them as apart of a massive email blast. Taking the time to add personal identifiers to emails will make a huge difference on response rates for your testimonial strategy.

#3: Organize testimonials by target audience to show as examples

When potential customers and customers alike are searching through your website, you need to make relevant testimonials readily available to them. Aside from having a general feed of testimonials, your company should take the time to segment your testimonials by content. For example if you provide a variety of services, organize your testimonials by each service and place them on the unique page of your website talking about that content. This is also a good practice to allow you to have specific examples to show leads. Potential customers will be more influenced by testimonials of a company in their industry.

#4: Create personalized thank you pages

When a customer submits a testimonial you should create a thank you page that continues to engage them. This is an area that you can create a more personalized testimonial strategy by using the submitters name, company name and other details pertaining to this specific customer. Thank you pages can also be customized with unique incentives, and educational content that will appeal to that specific buyer persona.

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#5: Add personalized testimonial emails to your sales cycle

By adding testimonial request emails to your sales cycle you can personalize by where each customer is in the buyers journey. With each of your buyer personas, there will be ideal contact points to move them through your sales funnel. Incorporating a personalized email requesting and displaying testimonials at the end of your sales cycle will help you increase participation, and help you close more sales.

Overall, creating a more personalized testimonial strategy will help you increase testimonial submissions, as well as increasing how influential they are on each of your buyer personas. Taking the time to organize your testimonial marketing communication and your submitted testimonials is an essential step to creating a successful strategy. How do you personalize your testimonial marketing content?


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