With videos getting more clicks, watches, and conversions than any other type of media, video has become an essential part of your marketing strategy. Whether you already have a video marketing strategy or you’re just getting started, video testimonials can make your strategy more interesting and more trustworthy. If you already have video testimonials, you’re well on your way. Try these 5 ways to use testimonials in your video marketing strategy to get started.

5 Ways to Use Testimonials In Your Video Marketing Strategy

1. Social Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, of course, YouTube all host video ads. Since there are generally fewer of them and they’re easier to consume, video ads tend to perform better than their static counterparts. These ads should be short and sweet, with a good hook and important information towards the start. Combine your testimonials with a product or service demonstration, add a humorous element, or use testimonials that inspire emotion to promote your testimonials on social media.

Dove is famous for spotlighting testimonial video ads to connect with their customers in their video marketing strategy.

testimonials in video marketing strategy

2. Tutorials

Customers wondering how to do something look to videos. Videos tutorials allow users to follow along, so they’re especially helpful for long or complex tasks. This also means more video tutorials are watched to the end, where others often get skipped after a few seconds. The end of a tutorial is another great place to add a testimonial in your video marketing strategy. Show a short clip of a customer who benefited from your help or used a solution you provide. A few seconds of customer approval establishes trust through social proof; it shows that you’re a helpful, reliable expert.

3. Email

In some video marketing campaigns, simply including “video” in an email subject line improved open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. This makes emails featuring video testimonials or case studies an effective addition to your video marketing strategy. Again, remember your customers have many demands on their time, so keep the video short.

When adding video to your email, testing is also essential. There are several ways to add video to your emails, and different email servers will allow or deny certain methods. The most frequently used method is including a static image which links to a landing page dedicated to the video. Others link to the video on YouTube or Vimeo. You can also embed the video into the email, or turn short, simple videos into a GIF. Test your emails with multiple email services, particularly Gmail, Outlook, iCloud Mail, and Yahoo, to make sure they don’t get denied.

Wistia addressed this in their own video email explaining how to put videos in emails!

testimonials in video marketing

4. Landing Pages

Your video email might link to a video landing page to avoid potential problems with embedding the video. Since videos tend to get more clicks and testimonials generate more trust, adding a testimonial video to your landing page goes a long way towards winning over your customers. Your landing page video might feature a customer talking about the results that they saw from using your product or service, or it might show a customer actively using your product or service.

5. Events

Videos get more attention online, but they also get more attention in real life. Use video marketing at your event to set yourself apart from your colleagues and showcase what makes your business unique. You might include a projector screen at your convention booth to show a customer testimonial (be sure to use subtitles, as the audio might be difficult to hear), or set up a kiosk.

As videos gather more attention online, marketers expect a solid video marketing strategy to become even more important of the marketing mix. Remember that competitors are also integrating testimonials into their video marketing strategy, and unique, interesting, emotionally impactful testimonials will help to break through the noise.

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