Customer testimonials are among the most effective ways to reach new customers. When an existing customer says something, prospective customers have no reason to doubt them. While reviews and testimonials help in advertising and marketing, how do you use testimonials in sales? Try out these 7 ways to use testimonials to close sales and improve your sales strategy overall.

7 Ways to Use Testimonials To Close More Sales

1. Prove You Can Solve a Customer’s Problem

You can tell a prospect that you’ll solve their problem, but they probably won’t believe you unless you have some proof. Learn how to use testimonials as proof and you can eliminate doubts and generate trust. Send a case study about a customer who is similar to the prospect, and show them in detail how the problem was solved. If you’re making a sales call, quote the customer or the results.

2. Showcase Results As a Selling Point

how to use testimonials to increase sales

Seasoned salespeople know that customers respond best to results. Estimations and forecasts are useful, but real-life examples are more impactful. If a customer provides quantifiable results in their own words, such as a decrease in costs, leads generated or hours saved, use this information as a selling point in an email or sales call. When you gather testimonials, ask the right customer feedback questions to get the data you need.

3. The Tipping Point in Sales Materials

If a prospect is interested enough to ask for additional details or contact information, but they’re just not quite ready to make the leap, knowing how to use a testimonial can make the difference. Next to a product’s description and features either on your physical or digital sales materials, add a testimonial from a customer who used and enjoyed your product or service. This way, the prospect will not only see what the product is and how it works, but they will see social proof to give them confidence in the solution.

4. Build Trust With Nurturing Emails

If a potential customer has given their contact information, but not yet expressed interest in buying, it’s important to be attentive, but not pushy. This is a great opportunity to use testimonials in lead-nurturing emails. Send an email dedicated just to case studies, or add a testimonial to the bottom of other relevant emails. With 85% of customers needing reviews before trusting a business, these testimonials are likely to resonate with most prospects.

5. Boost Your Reputation at Trade Shows

Using testimonials to close more sales

Trade shows are a great place to use testimonials, especially video testimonials. With a large number of interested, interconnected customers in your industry concentrated in one place, approval from colleagues goes a long way. If you operate in a narrow niche, it’s likely that potential customers watching a testimonial video know or have worked with your happy customer. This will help to bolster your reputation.

6. Create a Relationship

Customers don’t just buy a product or a service, they buy a relationship. Customers may turn away from a fantastic product or experience if they don’t trust you personally. If a customer has questions about on-time delivery, hidden fees, or follow-up service, they may be doubting your ability to deliver what you promise. Use a testimonial that specifically praises you to start off on the right foot.

7. Open Cold Emails and Sales Calls

Cold emails and sales calls are one of the toughest ways to reach prospects; your prospect is a stranger and has no reason to listen to you. However, if you can prove that you’ve helped others like your prospect achieve great results, you’ll have a better chance of getting their attention. Research your prospect beforehand and try to find a detailed testimonial from someone as similar as possible.

To use your testimonials in as many ways as possible, talk to as many happy customers as you can. Make it easy to gather testimonials, and make your customers comfortable. With a long list of varied testimonials, you can widen your market segments and position yourself as a reputable industry leader that customers can count on.

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