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11 Aug 2015
by Kelsey Taber

8 Ways To Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Consumers are constantly on the receiving end of brand messages. This endless stimulation gives them the ability to pick and choose what messages they tune into. One way marketers can cut through the clutter is with engaging video content integrated into their marketing strategy. A study on video engagement showed that the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video content, yet only 24% of brands are using online video to market to consumers. Why is there such an inconsistency? A common misperception exists that video content is time consuming, pricey, and hard to make look professional. When created the right way though, those things are just not true.


Marketing Video

Here are 8 ways to integrate video into your marketing content:

1. Tutorial Videos

A tutorial on how to use your product or explaining your service is a great way to spruce up your knowledge base. Videos explaining common questions are easily shareable on social media, sent out in an email, and pasted onto your website. This type of video content is a great way to keep up on your customer service efforts as it’s a lot easier to convey a concise and consistent answer through video content. Take tutorial videos to the next level by creating a series that leads to a certification, similar to Hubspot’s “Hubspot Academy“.

2. Video Testimonials

Testimonials from your customers are a great way to give your company credibility. Adding video content to your testimonials gives them an added competitive edge thats bound to increase sales and brand engagement. An A/B test conducted by Unbounce showed that by adding video testimonials versus text testimonials to their website, customer conversions to free trials were increased by 25%. Video testimonials can work the same conversion magic on your website if you work to make them easily accessible for your potential customers.

3. Drip Email

Enhance your email drip campaigns by adding in video content. You don’t even need much written content in the body of the email when a video is included. Use this opportunity to target different customer segments with different types of content For example you could send your younger demographic more casual videos versus more formal videos that might appeal to an older demographic. A study conducted by Forrester proved that when marketers included a video in an email the click-through rate increased by 200% to 300%, and it also boosted email open rates by 19%.

Video Drip Email With Mailchimp

4. Webinar

Host a webinar to create a conversation around a valuable topic that your customers are dying to learn more about. Webinars are a great content marketing strategy that has an exclusive feel, and gets your interested customers involved at a more in-depth level. A survey conducted by ReadyTalk showed that between 20% to 40% of webinar attendees became qualified leads.

5. Front Page Exposure

Put an introductory video on your website to increase page view length and decrease your websites bounce rate. This video can be placed directly on the front page of the site, in a pop-up, or below the fold and triggered by different user actions. A introductory video will keep users engaged and make the next steps on the site easier to follow than reading lengthy text. Keep it less than a minute long though, otherwise it may have adverse effects.

6. Product or Service Demo

Whether your company is product or service based, it’s important to make sure your brand’s message is conveyed correctly. This is imperative to move new business through your sales pipeline One way to achieve this is through a demo system. Demos can either be recorded or conducted live and give users a way to engage with your brand on a more one-on-one basis. Many customer relationships can be built through product or service demos because it gives the brand a chance to present itself in a more specific way. Products and services are used in varying ways among different industries and even at a company by company basis so it’s important to use this form of marketing video tool to help convey the correct message.

7. Video Ads

With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram changing their video default settings to autoplay, video ads on these sites and beyond can help increase clicks and conversions. The content can range from highly promotional to educational, but you should keep in mind what your target audience is most receptive to. Social sites, like Facebook, have excellent targeting tools that allow you to target your ads based on demographic, and even social habits.

8. Company Vlog

Blogging is a fundamental piece to every company’s content marketing strategy. Adding a vlog to the mixture can bring conversions to the next level. A company vlog can be mixed into your written blog or can be a completely separate collection hosted on your company youtube chanel for example. The content you include can be educational videos that work similarly to your written blog posts, or fun company culture videos that convey the behind the scenes look into what your brand is all about.

Video content is becoming an important piece to the marketing puzzle. Companies should work to begin to implement video content into their online marketing strategy. Adding this content is a great way to gain longer brand exposure among consumers by helping you cut through the clutter. In turn your company will be well on its way to winning more leads and increasing conversions.

What type of video content does your brand use in its marketing strategy? Comment Below!


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