Add client testimonials to your website

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5 Places to Add Client Testimonials to Your Website

A recent survey found that 88% of consumers look at reviews before buying. The things they’re buying may be small, like a new blender, or big, like a new car. No matter what industry you’re in, the great majority of customers are looking at your reviews. You can control the conversation by highlighting client testimonials… Continue reading
Online business reputation

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Top 6 Places to Audit Your Online Business Reputation

It’s important to continuously keep an eye on your online business reputation. Doing so will ensure that you are on top of responding to feedback both positive and negative at all times. Pulling an audit of your online business reputation doesn’t have to be tricky. By planning ahead, and creating a relevant list of places… Continue reading
The Psychology of Social Proof

Social Proof

The Psychology of Social Proof

Social proof builds credibility for your brand by showcasing your current customers success to influence potential customers. There are a few different ways to show social proof on your website including through numbers, celebrity endorsements, big brand logos, customer testimonials and case studies. Each of these forms of social proof  give potential customers reference of your… Continue reading
User generated content

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15 User Generated Content Statistics to Inform Your Strategy

Cultivating user generated content allows you to showcase quality social proof for your brand. User generated content can be used on your website and social media pages to connect with potential customers. For example running a user generated content campaign on Instagram allows you to showcase relatable customer photos or videos using your product or… Continue reading
Testimonials and reviews on Facebook

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The Importance of Showcasing Testimonials and Reviews on Facebook

Facebook has become a versatile social platform that is used for much more than personal pages. As it has evolved, it has become incredibly important to have business Facebook pages. Consumers expect to be able to find your brand online and on various social media sites. Facebook has cultivated so much information over the years… Continue reading
social sharing buttons Boast

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How to Use Boast Social Sharing Buttons

When configuring your display widgets, a unique feature that can be added are social sharing buttons. These buttons allow you to give users and your company the option to share individual testimonial submissions to Facebook and Twitter. Social proof builds credibility for your brand, so allowing your customer testimonials to be shared far and wide… Continue reading
Non-profit video marketing

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Amplify Your Cause with Non-Profit Video Marketing

When increasing awareness and support of your non-profit, your greatest asset are your current community of supporters. Many non-profits rely on out of date methods to increase membership and brand awareness. One way to improve your non-profit’s marketing strategy is to increase your video marketing. Non-profit video marketing can be used in a multitude of different ways… Continue reading
Use Facebook live for your business

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5 Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

Live video streaming has become a more readily adopted form of video marketing. Especially with the Facebook live feature, individuals and businesses can quickly and easily live stream from a click of a button to their followers. One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, so it’s pretty obvious why the power of video… Continue reading
Instagram page with user generated content

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Build a Company Instagram Page with User Generated Content

Creating an Instagram page for your brand can be tricky. Unlike other social media sites, posting marketing content and other company updates doesn’t fly on Instagram. Building your company Instagram page with user generated content will help you share content your followers want to see. However, not all companies are the right fit for this… Continue reading
User generated content campaigns

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12 User Generated Content Campaign Examples From Big Brands

Consumer’s trust each other more than they trust brands, in fact in one survey conducted, 63% of respondents said they trust photos taken by customers more than those taken by a manufacturer or seller. This makes user generated content—videos, photos or comments from your customers—even more valuable. Millennials produce and respond to user generated  content examples… Continue reading

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4 Marketing Content Styles That Engage Potential Customers

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. It’s no secret why content marketing is rapidly growing as a marketing strategy. But do you know what marketing content styles are the most effective at influencing your audience? Your strategy should be based on creating quality content that appeals to… Continue reading