The art of building rapport online

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The Art of Building Rapport Online

Building rapport online with your target audience is difficult. Without being able to communicate with them directly, it can be hard to ensure you’re making a good first impression. There are, however, a few steps you can take to build trust online and create connections with potential customers. It’s all about showing what you do, why you… Continue reading
Companies using customer testimonials the right way

Conversion Optimization, Social Proof, Testimonials

13 Companies That Are Using Customer Testimonials The Right Way

It’s a no brainer that companies need to collect testimonials and feedback from their customers, but what makes a powerful testimonial strategy? Its all about collecting quality content, organizing that content, and putting it in front of the eyes of the right people. Here are 13 companies that have their testimonial strategy down: 1. Zendesk
Turn customers into lifelong fans

Reputation Management, Social Proof

5 Simple & Effective Ways to Nurture Customers into Lifelong Fans

Whether you’re in a niche industry or you have thousands of other competitors, maintaining an active relationship with your customers is crucial to business growth. More often than not we see companies pouring their time, energy and money into acquiring new customers but they’re missing out on their biggest market of all – their customers. After all,… Continue reading