You have a great idea. You’re ready to show it to the world. But first you need to know how to launch a product and get the attention you deserve.

No matter how useful or enjoyable your new product may be, it starts out with no reputation, credibility, or attention. It’s up to you and your product launch team to build these things through an powerful, head-turning launch. This is where testimonials come in. Using testimonials in the right way will give your product launch the power and authority needed to capture those first essential sales.

How To Launch A Product And Build Credibility With Video Testimonials

Beta Testing

Beta testing is a vital part of knowing how to launch a product with testimonials. Whether you have a new, ergonomically designed shovel, a revolutionary SaaS CRM or something in between, you should conduct beta testing. Beta testing will help to iron out problems and show what users most enjoy, and it’s a perfect time to get your first video testimonials.

Contact beta testers who are especially enthusiastic about your product and ask them for a testimonial. Make this process as easy as possible and give your happy beta tester something in return, perhaps a free product, free trial, or a marketing partnership. As always, make sure you’re obeying legal testimonial guidelines and terms of service agreements.

Refine Your Message

Knowing how to launch a product successfully means knowing what your audience responds to. Your first users and your first testimonials will give you real life examples of what users love about your product. If your first testimonials all point out the same benefits, plan your pitch and initial video marketing strategy around these.

“Leak” Your Videos

It’s difficult to break through the noise and use social media in your product launch, and it’s important to use your time and resources effectively. However, complete social silence can confuse customers actually looking for your product.

Use testimonial videos and social channels together to generate buzz and rally your current followers, whether it’s a small or large group. Use small clips from your testimonial videos and don’t give everything away; just enough to create intrigue. Tag your users in your posts and tie your videos into additional promotions to expand your reach and boost the videos’ impact.

Build A Reputation

Knowing how to launch a product means knowing how to generate trust. If customers don’t think your product is helpful or worthwhile, they won’t buy it. Testimonials are an excellent way to build this initial trust and convey quality and authority.

Getting the right testimonials during your product launch can go a long way. Who are the experts and influencers in your field? Who has local prominence? Who is big in your niche? These first testimonials don’t have to come from Fortune 500 companies or celebrities to be impactful, they simply need to be relevant, noticeable, and trusted by your ideal buyer.

Attract Your Target Market

If you’re entering a new field and you don’t have existing connections with influencers or experts, you can still use your video testimonials in your product launch. When deciding how to launch a product, you should know exactly who your buyer is. Your first testers should clearly fit your ideal buyer persona. Potential customers watching the testimonial video should be able to see themselves.

For example, if your product is for busy working mothers, this person should use your product around their children or at their job, instead of simply stating that they are a working mother. If your product is for retired people who love gardening, your user should be the right age and use the product in a flourishing garden.

When it comes to knowing how to launch a product there is no one size fits all. Different strategies are required depending on what the product is and who it’s for. However, targeting the right initial users and building trust through testimonial videos will boost the launch power of all products. Use your testimonials strategically to show prospective customers what they won’t want to miss.

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