Business Testimonials

There’s no doubt that a good customer review or testimonial can really impact the reach of your products and services. Word-of-mouth promotion and user-generated content has completely changed the way people find products and services they use and trust. To help you magnify the reach of your testimonials and reviews, I put together 25 ways you can use testimonials and reviews to capitalize on their power.

  1. Create a testimonial display page
  2. Feature them on your homepage
  3. Display them under your products or services
  4. Share them on your social media profiles
  5. Add them to social media and website images
  6. Incorporate them into eBooks
  7. Add them to product or service brochures
  8. Within presentations
  9. On sales proposals
  10. In company newsletters
  11. In your company auto-responders
  12. Turn them into case studies for your products or services
  13. On your “About Us” page
  14. In online advertisements such as display ads
  15. Within traditional marketing ads such as radio, television or newspaper
  16. Within your telephone system “hold” messaging
  17. On email signatures
  18. Display them in waiting rooms or conference rooms
  19. On your customer’s receipts or invoices
  20. Within your product packaging
  21. Share them internally for motivation and inspiration
  22. Show them off at a booth at events or conferences
  23. In manuals or user guides
  24. On client or company profile pages
  25. On individual employee member pages

There are so many ways you can leverage your customer’s testimonials and reviews to motivate other potential customers to do business with you but you can also use them to motivate and inspire your staff and team internally. But first, you must collect them. Start collecting testimonials today with these simple steps.

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