Video testimonials have more impact than any other type of testimonial. When prospective customers can see real customers using a product or telling their story, the testimonial is more genuine, believable and impactful. Video testimonials also take more time to gather and produce. However, utilizing these video testimonial production tips, you can produce high-quality video testimonials without spending hundreds or taking hours of time.

5 Video Testimonial Production Tips to Produce Excellent Testimonial Videos Fast and Easy

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1. Use an Affordable Camera

Many businesses producing video testimonials overestimate the need for an expensive camera. This might seem like a counter-intuitive video testimonial production tip, but you don’t need a blockbuster-filming camera to capture this video. Creating good lighting and sound quality will be more important for recording this relatively still shot, which we’ll cover later. Many smartphones have high-quality cameras already built in, and many digital cameras also have high-quality recording features. Talk to friends, family and your team assess your zero-cost camera options.

No matter what camera you’re using, use these video testimonial production tips to get the most out of it:

  • Create a steady platform: this might mean using a tripod, or simply securing you’re smartphone to an unmoving surface. Don’t use the same table you or your customer is sitting at, as this might be disturbed throughout the testimonial.
  • Get into focus: When you set up your camera, make sure the video is well focused before you start.
  • Test: Test your camera to make sure it works beforehand. If you can’t get a good shot, explore other options.

video testimonial production tips lighting

2. Testimonial Video Production Lighting Tips

Even a high-quality camera will struggle to record high-quality video in low lighting. One of the best ways to improve your testimonial video quality affordably is to add lighting to the area. By using white surfaces that reflect light, natural lighting through windows, additional light sources, or even DIY lighting kits, you can achieve professional lighting at very low cost. The positioning of your light sources is an important testimonial video production tip to keep in mind, especially if your customer is in front of a computer or smartphone. If your customer is too strongly lit from the back or side, it can create shadowing or wash-out effects that will detract from the professionalism of your video.

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3. Testimonial Video Production Sound Tips

Sound is one of the most important parts of your testimonial video. Your customer will be narrating their experience with your business, talking about how your product or service has helped them, and this won’t be useful if prospective customers can’t hear what your customer is saying.

Keep these testimonial video production sound tips in mind as you set up:

  • Use a relatively small room: This will be easier to insulate against outside sound, and will minimize echoes
  • No interruptions: Hang a sign on the door that explains that you’re filming, and request passersby to be quiet.
  • Record silence: Before starting your testimonial video, record a few minutes of silence to see if any ambient noise will disrupt your video.
  • Use DIY tricks: Foam barriers, DIY mic screens and other easy recording tips can help you get rid of ambient noise and disruptions for cheap.
  • Practice: Talk for a bit with your customer before recording, so they can get relaxed. If they speak too quickly or softly, give them gentle hints.

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4. Edit Video Affordably

Video editing is one of your most powerful tools in creating a professional, high-quality video testimonial. You can clip the video to make it shorter for your social media accounts, or edit out any stammers or mistakes. You can even splice videos together. As your customer describes their experience with your product, service, or business, you can show an illustrative video.

Video editing software can quickly get expensive, and it can also take time to learn. Start with simple, affordable video editing software, and relatively simple edits. Start with free video editing programs, like Blender, Lightworks or Shotcut. Set aside time to learn these programs and practice a bit before you start editing your video testimonials.

Not all video testimonials have to be edited. If you’re looking for an authentic video directly from your customer, set up a video submission form with Boast. Your customers can submit their testimonials directly from their laptop camera or smartphone.

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5. Write a Script

Your video testimonial should be genuine and somewhat spontaneous, but it should also have a general direction and a plan. Obviously, you don’t want to tell your customer what to say, but it’s still a good idea to have a general script. Write down what testimonial questions you’ll ask, and give these to your customer beforehand, so they can plan out how to respond.

Reading directly from a script can quickly sound stilted and artificial. Instead, use your script as a guide. Write down the questions you want to ask, things you want to highlight, or prompts to encourage your customer to tell a particular story. Your customer might also want to use a script guide so they can remember to mention particular points or write down responses to your questions. Try an off-camera testimonial interview first to relieve nervousness and get a feel for the conversation. Once you and your customer are ready, turn on the camera to start your testimonial.

Use these video testimonial production tips to produce fast and easy testimonials that also look great. Consider how to use testimonial videos in your video marketing strategy and on your website to generate leads. Once you have a few high-quality testimonials with your favorite customers, consider automating this process and letting your customers submit their own videos.

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