30 Nov 2015
by Kelsey Taber

5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Content Perform Better

Creating brand content is the key to influencing consumers in a less intrusive way. Whether your company maintains a blog, publishes consumer case studies and testimonials, or regularly creates ebooks, guides, and infographics, you are already setting yourself apart from your competitors. But not all content is created equal. Here are 5 things to keep in mind that will help you produce better marketing content.

Creating Brand Content

#1 – Know Your Target Audience

Creating buyer personas and truly understanding what makes them tick will help you create more focussed content. Most brands have a handful of target audiences that they appeal to, so identifying their similarities and differences will help you create a more defined content strategy. Its better to create specific content that appeals to only one of your buyer personas at a time, than to create vague content that appeals to every member of your audience. Taking time to segment your content in a way that appeals to each buyer persona separately will help your brand obtain the right traffic from all areas. Maintaining the right stream of traffic to your website will help you convert more leads that will stay for the long haul.

#2 – Repurpose Content

Content creation takes time. It is completely okay, and smart, to repurpose your long-tail content in different ways. Find what topics have converted the best and use them as a jumping off point. Taking your long-tail content and formatting it in a short-tail list, an infographic, a guide, or into a marketing video will help you extend the life of the content you already know is effective.

#3 – Measure And Respond

A/B testing your marketing tactics, and measuring conversion rates for the content you create will help you create better content. Responding to trends you see is an effective way to evolve with your target audience. Spend time each week measuring different performance areas with google analytics, email marketing platforms, and social media engagement results will tell you where you’re performing best. Making decisions based on the data you collect will help you grow your brand’s content conversion rates exponentially.

#4 – Use A Consistent Voice

Once you have a concrete idea about who you’re targeting, establish a brand voice. The way your content is formatted will be vastly different if you’re targeting millennials vs. established business professionals. Using a consistent voice will help you make your content more digestible for your target audience and keep them coming back for more.

#5 – Establish Authority In Your Industry

The best way to establish authority in your industry is to first look to current industry leaders. Find what content they’re posting and emulate that. Share articles, updates, and studies created by these leaders to enlighten your target audience. This will give your brand a trustworthy base to grow from. Supplementing this content with customer testimonials and case studies will help you add extra credibility to your website as well. Taking measures to establish a strong authority in your industry will increase traffic to your content over time which will help you convert more leads.

Keeping these 5 tips in mind when you create marketing content for your brand will make it more worthwhile. It’s not the quantity of content you put out that converts traffic to leads, its the quality and relevancy of the content that does. What kind of content works best at converting leads for your brand?


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