Moms Are Turning To Video Content To Make Decisions, Learn & Engage

A study conducted by think with google and TNS found that 83% of moms search for answers to their questions online. And of those, three in five turn to online video in particular. They also discovered that of the moms surveyed who view videos on YouTube, 81% watch how-to content. And of the moms surveyed, 58% said they’re likely to search for videos about a certain product before making a purchase. With this study, marketers learned that moms are turning to video content more than ever before. They are watching videos to learn how to fix, create, and achieve new goals. And they are weighing the content they watch into their purchasing and life decisions. Here is a look at how moms are turning to video content, and how you can apply that to your marketing strategy.

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How moms are turning to video content:

To gather social proof

Moms are looking for and paying close attention to video testimonials, reviews & case studies. They’re doing their research and want to know the best brands, products, and services for themselves and their families. Social proof helps them make educated purchasing decisions, and moms are weighing what they find more heavily than your average consumer. Not only are moms listening to the opinions of general consumers, they specifically want to know what other moms are saying and turn to the internet to find out.

Apply this to your strategy:

Add video testimonials and reviews to multiple places on your website, social media sites, and other marketing efforts to make the social proof for your brand easily accessible to moms. They’re going to do their research in multiple places so you need to make sure you have a robust feed of social proof to help aide in their purchasing decisions.

To learn & problem solve

There are a ton of how-to videos, tutorial content, and fix-it videos on the internet today. Platforms like youtube make it easy for consumers to share product and service tutorials and reviews with the world. These platforms also allow brands to reach their audience with similar content. Anything from fixing broken items, to hair style tutorials, to quick video recipes can be found online, and moms are particularly seeking out this content every day. Moms are turning to videos to learn, and therefore are searching their specific questions online to problem solve.

Apply this to your strategy:

Your company, whether a product or service based company, can use tutorial video content to reach moms. Place videos on your website, social accounts, and forums to help answer common questions. The video content should be educational not promotional. It should teach moms a solution to their problem or how to do something that directly leads them to using your product or service. For example if you are a local art studio for kids, showcasing DIY art project videos on your website could create interest in your services. It’s all about being strategic and helpful with the content you post that leads to conversions.

To save time

Moms are busy. They typically do not have time to read long-tail articles. Video content gives them the opportunity to multitask and learn on the go. Not only is video content easy to skim through, it can be paused and manipulated to filter out necessary content. Moms are turning to video platforms over search engines as their first option to search for content that assists them with their daily questions, and activities.

Apply this to your strategy:

Keep your video content short and to the point. A video under 5 minutes has the potential to be more helpful to a mom than a long-tail video that goes into extreme detail. Remember that your company is creating this content to be helpful. The more helpful you can be, the longer you can keep moms engaged, and the more they will turn to you as an industry leader to find information time and time again.

To share opinions & engage

43.5% of all moms say they have posted a review, comment and/or question online about a specific brand name product or service. This shows that not only are moms turning to video content to make decisions, they want their opinions to be heard too. Moms are more likely to be receptive to posting their own video review or tutorial content, and they are even more likely to post comments, share, and engage with the video content they find on their search for information.

Apply this to your strategy:

Make sure all of your video content is easy to engage with. Create a comment feed, social sharing buttons, and other added content that makes it as convenient as possible for moms to take the next step after finding quality content. Also, make it simple for moms to leave video testimonials and feedback on your website and social accounts so that you can continue to cultivate the type of content this audience desires.

Moms are turning to video content more than any other audience to find quick, engaging, and valuable information. They are problem solvers that want answers and solutions fast. Video content that showcases social proof, helps answer questions, is to the point, and easy to engage with can help your brand hit this target audience in a modern way.

What type of video content have you added to your company’s marketing strategy to engage your target audience?


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