Video content engages your customers much more effectively than text content. That’s why it’s an important piece of a proactive customer service strategy. Creating videos that your customers can access for common questions, onboarding and other tasks will take some of the stress off of your customer service team, and allow your customers to get their questions answered much faster.

4 pieces of video content to create a proactive customer service strategy:

#1: Video FAQs

During customer service calls and email conversations, you probably have a list of questions that come up time and time again. To make answering these questions more seamless, video FAQs can be incredibly helpful. Have your team record the answers to common questions with fun videos that also give a walk through of the solution. These videos can be short and sweet and once created can be shared on your website, through email and on your social media sites to allow your customers to find what they’re looking for quickly.

#2: Video Demos

If you offer a product or service that requires a demo, using video to walk through your demo will also help you explain your product or service more effectively.  First, offering a live video demo option is a great way to connect with customers and answer questions on the fly. Also having a video recorded version of this demo will allow you to distribute the same information even to customers who are unable to tune in for a live demo. Having demo videos will allow you to increase sales by answering common questions about how your product or service works on the fly.

#3: Video Testimonials

Another type of video content that will help you have a more proactive customer service strategy are video testimonials. Video testimonials help you convey valuable social proof to help persuade potential customers into purchasing your product or service. Make sure that you collect a variety of video testimonials that are segmented to appeal to each of your target audiences. They should include a variety of use cases, industries and company sizes to ensure that they are relatable to the greatest number of people.

#4: Onboarding Videos

Finally, to ensure that your new customers are integrated smoothly, you should create informational onboarding videos. These videos should be broken down into digestible steps to ensure that they are effective at helping new customers. For example, if you have a product, giving your customers 5 informational onboarding videos about how to use the product is helpful and not overwhelming. These videos can also be used as a sales tool to ensure that your new customers are well-informed right off the bat to create a more proactive customer service strategy.

Using video to create a more proactive customer service strategy allows you to distribute information to your customers more seamlessly. This will allow you to answer your customers questions on the fly, and help you spend more time focussing on more complicated customer service matters. These 4 types of videos should be an imperative part of your strategy. Do you have any videos that you use as customer service videos that aren’t listed but have worked well for your company? Comment below!

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