Videos get 41% more clicks than text, and drive more engagement. On social media, videos are the most shared type of posts. Many businesses without videographers or high-quality cameras see this is a problem. How do you use these video trends on a low budget? We compiled 11 low budget video production secrets to help you get started or expand your video marketing without breaking the bank.

11 Low Budget Video Production Secrets

1. Picture Slideshow

Do you already have a number of compelling graphics? Then you can already get started with effective and low budget video production. Use a simple video editor (more on free video editors below) to place pictures, transitions, text and subtle movements. You might give customers a brief tour of your business, introduce your employees, or highlight your products.

2. Creative Testimonial Videos

There are many creative ways to use testimonials in your video marketing strategy. If you have a long testimonial, highlight a small section to use as a social media ad. Combine testimonial video clips to create a commercial. Use Boast to gather testimonials easily, then download them to use in your video editor.

3. Free Animated Promos

If you don’t have the time or resources to make your own video clips, try an animated video. This low budget video production method is simple and often free, but doesn’t have to be low-quality. Edit a video template from a site like Biteable to make a quick, animated explainer or promo video.

4. Film An Event

Events are dynamic, not scripted, and viewers will generally overlook low budget video production quality in an event video. Use your smartphone and film a grand opening, trade show, convention, or party. Use video editing to cut out any bloopers and use a filter to adjust for lighting. As you film, get contact information from your stars so you can share the video with them.

5. Use Your Smartphone

A basic video camera with some light and exposure control will create higher quality videos, but not everyone has the equipment or the skill. Instead, make a few small tweaks to make higher quality smartphone videos. Add lighting, get a steady tripod, and position close to the subjects without obstruction.

6. Simple Cartoons

If you or one of your employees has some artistic talent, try drawing and animating a video. You can scan your images and use a photo editor with a video editor to create movement, or create a classic animated flipbook. This low budget video promotion technique is labor intensive, but free and fun if you have artistic flair.

7. Use Free Video Editing

Many free video editors exist to assist your low budget video production. If you’re looking for more detailed effects, try Lightworks or DaVinci Resolve. If you’re looking for simple clipping and sound overlays with a short learning curve, try OpenShot or Machete Video Editor Lite.

8. Customer Videos

Call on your customers to submit their video clips or images. User-generated content not only helps you create a video, but also makes it easier to promote. Create a contest to encourage submissions and tag your customers when sharing in social media. Make sure you get your customers’ permission before using their videos.

9. Employee Videos

Make it easy for employees to submit videos and incentivize them with a bonus or giveaway. You might suggest an interview with their favorite customer, a video of them making a special product, or giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their work. This low budget video production technique can be creative and fun, but always make sure you have the final say in what videos are shared.

10. Live Video

Live video is a quickly growing video marketing trend. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms all offer live video broadcasting, and more users watch live videos than pre-recorded videos. Since nearly all live videos use a smartphone, low budget video production is expected, allowing you to focus more on the content. Use a script or rehearsal, but remember mistakes are okay; live videos humanize your brand and make it more approachable.

11. Screen Recording

If you work mostly on a computer, smartphone videos probably aren’t a viable low budget video production option. However, screen recordings will give you higher quality video with less set-up time. Install one of the many free screen recording apps like TinyTake or CamStudio, and choose a task or challenge you face that you’d like to tell others about. This might be solving a common problem for clients, creating an image, or making a program.

If you’re struggling to make a case for an increased video budget, try these low budget video production methods first and see how much attention you can generate. Once you’ve found your groove and built a following, it’ll be easier to pitch a budget expansion.

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