Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Holidays are a great time of the year to show off your company culture and brand personality. Creating themed content that is light-hearted, sharable, and helpful is a great way to connect and engage with your audience. In turn, this content will help you become a more well trusted leader in your industry. Before choosing what content tactics work best for your brand this halloween, you first need to think of your target audience. Your buyer personas matter just as much, and maybe even more during the holiday season. For example, if your target audience is young adults, you’re going to create vastly different content than for the parents of small children. Once you take that into account you will be well on your way to creating content that works for your brand.

Content ideas to delight your customers this Halloween:

  1. User Generated Content: Collecting user generated content for the holiday is a great way to get your customers involved in your marketing strategy. For halloween you could collect costume submissions, fun halloween recipe submissions, or really any content that’s themed and aligns well with your brand.
  2. Video Tutorials: Create costume, treats, or office decor video tutorials to share on your website and social media profiles. “How-To” content is one of the most searched topics during halloween. This type of content has the potential to have a large reach and helps you increase brand awareness and presence in your market. During the month of October in 2014, 104K Halloween themed videos were uploaded. The bottom line is video works, and your brand should be taking advantage of it this holiday season.
  3. Office Culture: Show off how your office is getting festive this halloween by posting pictures of events, office costumes, and office decor. Giving your customers an exclusive look into your company culture with this type of content helps give your brand a more human personality which is appealing to your customers and potential customers alike.
  4. A Themed Guide: Create a guide to events in your area, or an infographic on a DIY halloween costume. A guide that holds helpful information will attract new visitors and potential customers to your website. Branding this type of content will allow you to strategically position your brand as a helpful, and trustworthy resource to find information in the future.
  5. Contest or Sweepstakes: Use the holiday as an incentive to get video testimonials, case studies, or other customer submitted feedback, in exchange for a fun themed prize.

Examples of Content that works in 2015:

User Generated Content:

UPS has run a user generated content contest for the past few years called #MiniUPSers that has parents get involved with the companies festivities by sharing photos of their kids dressed as UPS employees.

UPS Halloween Content Marketing

Advil also has joined in on the user generated content trend with their Aspiration vs. Reality campaign that has parents send in photos of the crazy DIY costumes their kids come up with.

Advil Halloween Content Marketing


Duck Tape is holding a fun Halloween themed contest this year that rewards users for using their product to decorate pumpkins. This clever idea is a great way to turn an unrelated product into a festive one.

Duck Tape Stick or Treat Contest

Halloween is a great time to delight your target audience with fun, themed content. Taking the time to create campaigns surrounding the holidays can help you make a lasting impact in your industry. How is your company getting festive this Halloween?

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