Who Uses Boast?

Boast was originally designed to help B2B companies improve their processes for collecting testimonials and showcasing them on their websites, but it didn’t take long to realize that the Boast apps have far more potential. Check out some of the ways people are using below.

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Real Estate

Realtors make it or break it by cultivating quality, genuine customer testimonials. Boast offers a way for Realtors to capture meaningful client relationships and build new ones.

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Law Firms & Attorneys

Law firms and attorneys need to build trust and convince prospects that they can deliver on their promises. Testimonials and online reviews allow you to do just that. And Boast makes it easier than ever to collect video and text testimonials for instilling confidence and winning more business.

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Communicating with your students, showcasing their work or promoting your education-related product or service takes peer feedback. Using Boast you can collect quality feedback and content from students and education professionals to take your brand or program to the next level.

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Coaches & Consultants

Request and collect video testimonials for your coaching business to improve credibility with your audience and sell more.

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Business to Business

B2B companies use Boast every day to give their organizations a face, collect valuable customer feedback, and showcase testimonials from their clients.

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Events & Conferences

Conferences and events are all about the experiences of your attendees. Without a way to capture their satisfaction, you have no way to judge your success. That’s where Boast for video collection comes into play.

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Check out a few more industries that can benefit from the simplicity that Boast brings to collecting testimonials and showcasing your praise.

Catering Business




Elder Care






Sales Team

Wedding Planner

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